Mortgage Exchange have been helping home buyers achieve their dream of home ownership since 1997 and recently became part of the National Mortgages Group.

And we’d like to help you, too!

Whether you’re a first home buyer, upgrading or downgrading to your next home, or purchasing an investment property, we can provide a solution to your home loan financing needs.

Today’s home loan market is both competitive, and confusing! With so many banks, building societies, credit unions and non bank lenders, the huge range of loan products presents a daunting task, and potentially, too much choice for the normal home loan borrower. This is where a professionally accredited mortgage broker can assist you, by helping you to narrow down the right home loan, with an interest rate and features to suit your circumstances.

Prior to embarking on property investment, be sure to do thorough research. Property investment loans are no different to normal home loans, and by the very fact that they are one of the biggest commitments you will ever undertake, require careful consideration, and ideally, the use of a professional mortgage broker, who will be able to sought through the many property investment loans, to find the investment loan most suited to your property investment.

Panel of Lenders

We have a strong panel of home loan lenders, from banks and building societies, through to non bank lenders, providing a strong range of home loan products, and great competitive interest rates to suit all home loan borrowers needs.

Home Loan Qualifying Software

We utilise leading edge home loan qualifying software that enables us to input your data, and then provides answers to the important questions, “which lenders do I qualify with?”, and importantly, “How much can I borrow?” All we need to do is simply input details such as your income, any debts such as loans and credit cards, and the deposit or value of property if you already own property, into our software, and in a single glance, you can see which lenders you qualify with, and your borrowing capacity with them, right through to products and interest rates!

Importantly, we can update this information at any time for you, and you are able to examine any borrowing scenario you can imagine! The software also enable you to compare interest rates and home loan features.

From the results we can provide you with printed reports, and, if you’re not in the office at the time with us, we can fax, or email you the printed reports.

First Home Buyer?

Congratulations, if you’ve made the decision to buy your first home. Many people find the whole process of choosing their first home stressful, and the best mortgage to go with it, daunting!

Our role as mortgage brokers, is to take much of the stress out of the process, and give you the information to enable you to make a confident decision. We will advise you on the most suitable home loan and interest rate for your situation, and partner you through the whole process.

Our fully qualified home loan brokers will ensure that you understand the entire process, know what First Home Owners Grants you’re entitled to, and have a complete understanding of the costs involved in the purchase.


Reasons for refinancing are countless, however the main reasons include;

  • You are unhappy with your lender for some reason;
  • You may be seeking a better interest rate;
  • Your loan product may not be the most suitable for your circumstances;
  • You may want to consolidate debt;
  • You may want to carry out renovations;
  • You may want to invest.

Whatever your reason, call our office and speak with one of our accredited mortagage brokers, who will assist you with your enquiry.

Home Loan Health Check

If you currently have a home loan and would like to use our obligation free service of a Home Loan Health Check, simply click on the link on this page, complete our easy form and we will come back to you with any recommendations.

Upgrading, downgrading or Buying your next home?

Having been through the process, you will be well aware of the amount of running around, in getting your home loan. When you use our professional mortgage brokers, one of the key advantages is that we will take care of most of the running around, and make the process as smooth as possible.

After the loan settles

And, once your loan has settled, the service doesn’t stop. We will maintain regular contact with you to ensure that your loan is still the most appropriate for your circumstances. We will make contact with you to carry out a home loan health check at a time convenient to you, on an annual basis or time interval of your choice.

Where are we?

We are located at

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